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Author: Alexander Rebenok August 14, 2018 In problems there are a number of cool tools that can make them much faster and easier. I’ll tell you how to use them and how they can be useful for your company:) How to view all the tasks that I was involved? Go to Tasks and projects.

On the All tab shows all the tasks where you are a member. To view your tasks depending on your role in them, use one of their filters in the top bar – Make, Help, Instructed and Watch.

It’s all preset filters that reflect your role in the problem – responsible, co -, Director or observer. This way, you can immediately assess the scope of work for each area.

Of course, for your convenience, you can create your own filters and save them. Read more in the article – How to use the task filter? How to see all tasks in my Bitrix24? The administrator and head of the company has the opportunity to see the routine user tasks in Bitrix24.

For this you need to use a special filter setup. Go to the page, add in the filter field Parameters and select Show tasks, which I’m not.

Also, the administrator can view tasks of any employee in the transition to its their profile page in the Tasks tab. Unit Manager can view all tasks of their subordinates to a special tab Lead.

  • Read more in the article – How to see tasks of subordinate
  • What do the different colors in the title
  • The color of the task title identifies the status it is now: green – assigned but not yet viewed tasks; blue – received employee of the task; red – overdue tasks; grey – suspended or completed tasks (completed tasks are still crossed); orange tasks are waiting control Director
  • Can immediately change responsible on multiple tasks
  • These actions can be performed by the Director or administrator

How to attach files to the task? To perform many of the tasks necessarily require any additional files, such as: invoices, scans documents, plane tickets, etc. can be added directly to the task when creating it using the button in the field with detailed description.

You can download the file from your computer and external drive, attach already uploaded in Bitrix24 document and create a new and add it directly to the task. If you need to share files are already in the process of work or to provide any accounting documents at the end, then you can add them to the comment in the task using the same button.

As the Director may

assess a completed task? In Bitrix24 you can evaluate the performance of the tasks responsible. On the basis of these assessments you can build an entire system of rewards, and just to gain appreciation of their labors employee is always nice:) the Director may assess the task of using a special field in the tasks window.

You can also do this directly in the list, if you display the Rating field box in the header of the table.

Read more in my Bitrix24? The administrator can create a . Wieslaw Knoop.

Responsible to immediately receive a notice of assessment and see well he coped with the task or not.

Please specify, why: Very complicated and unclear Reference Apps

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