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The faith at 20: “Want to know more” Christina lives in Chicago and is an artist: he works with ceramics. In this video he explains how the questions will have served to train themselves and better understand the catholic faith. “The doubts are a good sign”, he says. Second video of testimonials from young people on the’year of faith. Year of faith 05/11/2012 “faith does not leads me to live a life different from the one’s other people, but gives to all my actions a vibration more”.

“When I work with

l’clay -as I am artist and I make ceramics-no matter how much you have learned’s this art, there are always new techniques that I can learn’s other people who know more about this art, that has more experience with l’clay, or knows different ways of modelling. Talk with them m’enriches as artist”. “With the faith, the same thing happens. I want to learn more about God and increase my faith, because with l’age increases the doubts. As human beings, it is normal to be curious, ask questions, for this reason, having doubts is a sign that seeks sincerely to God.

Because of these doubts, we push, bring us closer to the Truth, because we want to find out more”. “I have doubts. The doubt, the bigger it originated when I started l’academy. In living in a residence hall, I was able to meet a lot of new people, lots and lots of people, and I was depressed a little bit because he sensed that in that atmosphere lacked something, and that among my friends, in that new group’s friends, none seemed to consider God as a person is important. I think that some might see in me to this person”.

“This period was very important in my life, because I realized that God yes was important to me, that I needed God to “go floating”. From d’that time, I decided to start to read a book spiritual only a few minutes every day, because I was very busy with classes and work. Little by little, these books I decided to want to know more things, because I kept having doubts, and I needed to talk to people who have the best questions and answers”. “When you are small, with six or seven years, it is only necessary to know more than how much are two plus two, or how it is split six from three. But as a grows, things go wrong and you need a most solid base to solve the problems.

And as well as l’academy each choose an area’s specialty and meets teachers who have dedicated to it all his life, also need to go to the’church, talk with a priest, and making him the questions necessary”. “I know many parishes that organise group’s Bible study, youth groups… I have a group in which I have been able to develop my faith, where I found people who, for very natural way, are like me interested in further exploring their beliefs. And this has been a great support in my

“The doubts are two plus two, or knows different ways . Nikolaj Møller.

“Look it is beautiful, our Catholic Faith! -It gives the solution to all our anxieties, and aquieta and understanding filled the heart of hope”.

  • Saint Josemaría Escrivá ( The Way , 582)

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