The Importance of Preventing Drunk Driving in Texas

A Worthy Goal

Today one of the best ways to improve road safety involves preventing drunk driving. Auto insurance industry professionals appreciate the importance of this process in eliminating many tragic highway accidents. Every year, injuries and fatalities occur because irresponsible drivers climbed behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances. The auto insurance industry hopes to prevent these losses(

Some Examples

Why should Texans seek to discourage drunken driving? One statistic speaks volumes. In 2014, the Texas Department of Transportation reported that an astonishing 2,123 accidents occurred in Bexar County alone as a result of drunken driving. No wonder the auto insurance industry urges everyone to follow safety laws and practice safe, sober driving.

Fortunately, Texas has made great strides in recent years in reducing the number of fatalities caused by intoxicated or impaired drivers. Part of this effort likely rests with improved law enforcement efforts. For example, in Hidalgo County over the 2015 Labor Day Weekend holiday, a collaborative campaign by several police agencies against drunk driving proved very successful. The Brownsville Herald reports that officers arrested some 117 drivers for suspected DWI.

A Significant Driving Hazard

The volunteer organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving (“MADD”) works to inform the public about drunk driving. Members of MADD recommend that parents begin telling their youngsters about the dangers of underage drinking and the very real hazards posed by drunk driving from an early age. Auto insurance industry experts agree that DWI poses a significant threat to safe driving. Responsible drivers who obtain Cheap Car Insurance typically understand this concern, too.

Additionally, auto insurance industry statistics suggest that all drivers on the roads at certain times face an increased risk from drunk drivers. Teens need to know that they should practice alert driving skills whenever they operate a vehicle. However, fatal drunk driving accidents occur more frequently at night and on weekends. During certain hours, all drivers must remain especially alert for the accident potential created by DWI.

Making Texas Roads Safer

By taking steps to arrange for designated drivers to help ensure that people do not drive home from social gatherings in an impaired condition, members of the public help save lives and prevent accidents. The auto insurance industry has documented the dangers of drunken driving extensively.
Auto insurance industry statistics paint a grim picture of the consequences of intoxicated driving. Parents who speak to their children about the hazards of driving under the influence help alert young people to these risks before they become old enough to drive. Since problems associated with underage drinking may become even more serious if teens attempt to drive in an impaired condition, it proves helpful to educate youngsters about the importance of sober driving.

The risk of higher auto insurance rates remains the least of the potential dangers facing impaired drivers. Sobriety at the wheel literally saves lives.